How to Handle a Difficult Feeling with Mindfulness

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Do you know how to handle a difficult feeling with mindfulness? Mindfulness can be used for many purposes and is often recommended by doctors, writers, and other mental health professionals as a tool to improve your mental health.

This often focuses on the long-term benefits to being more present and mindful. Mindfulness can be used to address more immediate problems. We will examine how mindfulness can be used to address specific emotions, as they arise.

How to Handle a Difficult Feeling with Mindfulness

It's inevitable that we will experience difficult feelings at some point in our lives. Whether we're feeling angry, sad, scared, or frustrated, these feelings can be overwhelming and hard to manage. But with mindfulness, we can learn how to handle these emotions in a healthy way.

Mindfulness allows us to be present in the moment and accept whatever emotion we are feeling without judgement. By doing this, we can take steps to deal with the emotion in a productive way. With practice, mindfulness can help us manage our emotions more effectively and find peace within ourselves.

Moving Towards Emotions

When we feel negative emotions, we usually try to 'fight' them or suppress them. This is a way of essentially denying our emotions power.

This can lead to us becoming more stressed or upset when emotions bubble beneath the surface or when we try to fight them.

Mindfulness teaches us to turn toward our emotions. This means that you will listen to your thoughts and feelings and then acknowledge them. Now, you can say, "I'm stressed", "I'm embarrassed", or "I'm upset". You don't need to be embarrassed or upset by the emotion, but you should acknowledge that it is there.

Sometimes people get angry. If you are aware of your situation, you might be able to recognize that the thoughts you have may not be completely objective. You should also remember that emotions don't last forever. Basically, even though you are angry right now, don't take your feelings too seriously. In a few hours you'll feel better, and the world will look brighter.

This causes a subtle, but significant shift. The world is no longer a horrible place, and you are therefore upset . Therefore, the world appears terrible. You now realize that this belief is false.

Evaluate Your Emotions - Debriefing

You can also be aware of and accept your emotions. This will enable you to evaluate them in a sort of 'debriefing'. It will help you look at what triggers them, how you handled them, and what they have made you do. You will gain more control of your emotions the more you can break down and intellectualize them.

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