Stop Saying This Word To Change Your Life Forever

To break bad habits, change one word in your vocabulary, stop saying this word to change your life forever. It matters what we say. Particularly what we say about ourselves. No matter if we speak out loudly or internally, it is likely that we will end all of our good intentions. This is especially true if you are trying to change bad habits but have not started.

That can be changed by using one word.

Stop Saying This Word To Change Your Life Forever

This magical word, a contraction, is commonly used and can have more power than your entire vocabulary if used correctly. What is it?


"Don't" is one of those funny words, which allows us to regain control in just one syllable. How? These are just a few examples.

  • "I don't smoke."
  • "I don’t bite my nails."
  • "I don’t use social media."

Compare them with phrases that you have likely used since you tried to change those same habits.

  • "I can't smoke."
  • "I can't bite my nails!"
  • "I cannot use social media."

What I Can’t Means Psycholgically

Psychologically, "Can't" strikes us right in the eyes. It is a way of saying that we want to do something, but that something is preventing us from doing it. It doesn't matter that the thing restricting us We haven't given up on the idea of using "Can't" yet, just because we still use it.

All power is in "Don't". We are saying "Don't", which means that we choose to refrain from doing that action. This is something we would not want to do, even if it was possible.

You can see the difference.

I Don’t vs I Can’t

Talking to friends is great, but how about talking to yourself?

We need to pay attention to how we talk to other people and what our thoughts are about things. Our habits are deeply rooted and wired in our brains. It's here that we need to change our language.

  • "I don’t eat sugar."
  • "I don’t spend money on things that I don’t need or want."
  • "I don’t engage in pointless arguments over the internet."

These phrases become our choice when we can internalize them. They are what we WANT. It can impact your success chances. Studies have shown that people who use "don't", are 50% more likely than those who use "can't", to keep making the changes (to get rid of bad habits or create better ones).

What does all this mean for you?

You must first change your mindset if you want to make a change in your life. The rest is easy.

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